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Saturday, March 29, 2014

How to make beeswax from honeycomb

  • These honeycombs came from our neighbour in the countryside where the may flowers came from . I always wanted to make lipbalm from beeswax so I tried to extract the beeswax. Although the beeswax I get at last was not much and it takes some time to make it, but it was fun. I followed the instructions  here with making some changes. 

  • After removing the honeycomb from the wooden frame I put it in a pot with adding some hot water and put it on the stove, heat until the beeswax melts. Then I poured it through a plain strainer to remove the debris that is not wax.Then I poured the hot water and beeswax solution to a large pan to cool. 
  • When the beeswax hardened I removed it and put it in a glass bowl . Heated in microwave until wax melts again ( 1-2 minutes. Do not over heat it, watch while microwaving, it starts quickly to boil and burst and splash .) 
  • After melting it to remove anything that get through the plain strainer , I filtered it through a cheesecloth to a smaller glass bowl. Be as quick as can be because wax starts to harden and sticks to the wall of the bowl and your fingers. I added some boiled water to get it melten again.
  • Left it to cool and a couple of hours later  Voila!!!!  I  have a tiny disk of beeswax .

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