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Saturday, March 29, 2014

How to make beeswax from honeycomb

  • These honeycombs came from our neighbour in the countryside where the may flowers came from . I always wanted to make lipbalm from beeswax so I tried to extract the beeswax. Although the beeswax I get at last was not much and it takes some time to make it, but it was fun. I followed the instructions  here with making some changes. 

  • After removing the honeycomb from the wooden frame I put it in a pot with adding some hot water and put it on the stove, heat until the beeswax melts. Then I poured it through a plain strainer to remove the debris that is not wax.Then I poured the hot water and beeswax solution to a large pan to cool. 
  • When the beeswax hardened I removed it and put it in a glass bowl . Heated in microwave until wax melts again ( 1-2 minutes. Do not over heat it, watch while microwaving, it starts quickly to boil and burst and splash .) 
  • After melting it to remove anything that get through the plain strainer , I filtered it through a cheesecloth to a smaller glass bowl. Be as quick as can be because wax starts to harden and sticks to the wall of the bowl and your fingers. I added some boiled water to get it melten again.
  • Left it to cool and a couple of hours later  Voila!!!!  I  have a tiny disk of beeswax .

Thursday, March 27, 2014

May flowers

Yesterday my father and my sister brought these  yellow  May Flowers from countryside. Spring has arrived and everything is awakening with the sun and warm weather.

While spring is blooming , our home studio is blooming,too . Floral fashion is trendy this spring and we are adding some floral  scarves to our collection. New ones ( more beautiful)  are yet to come.

When me and my sister went to the fabric shop this week we couldn't resist all the colorful flower prints and light weight fabrics. And more pictures will be here  and more scarves will be in our shop ...